new tone's third law


Atsushi Harata / Liquid Light

analog video expressionist. He uses the OHP (Over Head Projector) to mix liquid collage, essentially creating a “Light Painting” in real time. He has shared his unique vision at music festivals, art and design festivals, galleries, and as stage art for live productions.

OHP(オーバーヘッドプロジェクター)を使用し、液体・個体・生き物など、様々な素材を即興的に組み合わせた、流動性の光の絵「Light Paint」を行なうアナログ映像表現者。ミュージックフェス、アートフェス、デザインフェス、美術館、舞台の映像演出、ミュージックビデオなど、様々な場所で映像表現を行なっている。

HIdetoshi Koizumi / Sound

Japanese artist based in Paris who first composed music in 1995. "I picture the original world, investigate my own, and express it as delicate whispers...". A few words from Hidetoshi to define his music. It is incredibly light and fragile, deep and on the edge, an ambient electronica fused with environmental soundscapes and constrasted atmospheres.

フランスの老舗アンビエントレーベルultimae recordsから多数のアルバムをリリース。NASAや文化庁の映像音楽、映画音楽、Luis VuittonのFashion showやハンガリーで行われたsamasarafestivalほか多数の音楽フェスに出演。現在はパリやベルリンを拠点に同レーベルCellとのプロジェクトConnect.ohmとしても活動中。映画やCM、PVなどの制作も行う。

KyuRi / Tabla & Sound

Japanese Tabla player, learning under Arunangshu Chaudhury. He has been performing globally including his home country Japan, India, Korea and Taiwan since then. He pursues to create simple and minimalistic sound with much depth and almost-insanity-like-beauty.